The Kids Shake partners with Foodbank

May 2020, The Kids Shake has partnered with Australia’s largest food relief organisation, Foodbank, to help feed kids in need.


From today, $1 from every Kids Breakfast Shake sold will be donated to Foodbank to ensure they can continue their important work in feeding Australia’s most vulnerable kids.


To launch the partnership with Foodbank, Belinda MacDougall, founder and CEO of The Happy Healthy Co (which includes flagship brands The Lady Shake and The Man Shake), is also making an upfront donation of $10,000, which equates to providing 20,000 meals to those in need at this difficult time.


As a self-made businesswoman and mother to two young daughters, Belinda is truly humbled to see this partnership come to life.


“This partnership is so important to me and The Kids Shake team because the thought of a child going without food, especially breakfast, is heart breaking. To help kick off our partnership, we have donated 20,000 meals to help Foodbank feed those doing it tough right now,” said Belinda.


According to Foodbank, children under the age of 15 who live in food insecure households often go without fresh food and may even go without some meals completely. More than 1 in 5 children in Australia (22%) experienced food insecurity in 2018*. Of these children, 18% have gone to school without any breakfast at least once a week and 9% of food insecure children go a whole day without eating at all at least once a week.


Foodbank Australia CEO, Brianna Casey, said, “As a mother of two boys, I know how important a good nutritious diet is. I know without breakfast before a school day, children can get ‘hangry’, they lack concentration, and they get agitated. We know from our Foodbank Rumbling Tummies report in 2018 that children’s wellbeing improves significantly when their family receives food relief, they are happier, have more energy and their behaviour improves.”


The Kids Shake was created by Belinda because the lack of healthy breakfast shake options for children. Any parent would empathise on how difficult it is to get a healthy nutritious breakfast into your kids every day.


“Our business is passionate about producing nutritious food to help children live their lives to the fullest. Our products are more than just meals, they include essential vitamins and minerals for growing, healthy, happy kids,” said Belinda.


The Kids Shake is a healthy breakfast alternative full of vitamins, nutrients and protein to help growing kids. Unlike many other products in the market The Kids Shake is low in sugar and has less than 3.2 g/ serving.


*Foodbank, Rumbling Tummies: Child Hunger in Australia, 2018