Natural Disaster Relief


Foodbank is the only food relief organisation to play a role in times of emergency and natural disasters such as fires, floods and cyclones. Every State and Territory Foodbank is involved in disaster relief, providing essential supplies to support the work of first responders and emergency services as well as giving ongoing assistance to affected communities during the months and years it takes to recover.


As a trusted organisation forming part of the official emergency response network, we act as a conduit for the generosity of the food industry, which is always keen to assist with essential supplies to stricken areas. We deliver what is needed, when and where to efficiently and effectively support the relief efforts. When the emergency first hits, this may be items such as bottled water, batteries, toilet paper and food that doesn’t require refrigeration and cooking as there is no power in the area. Over time this may change to ingredients for hot meals to be prepared at evacuation centres and ultimately to hampers of key staples and household cleaning products for people returning to their homes.

Disaster relief

We continue to work in a community long after the initial crisis has passed. Whether people are coping with damaged or even destroyed homes or disrupted income due to their place of work being closed, economic hardship is a challenge that remains after the clean-up has taken place. Food relief, for as long as it’s needed, builds resilience helping people to get back on their feet.

The extreme flooding that has impacted many communities around Australia in 2022 have caused lives to be lost, damaged thousands of homes and businesses, and left thousands of people to pick up the pieces.




South Australia

November, 2022: The South Australian Government has declared a major emergency in the Riverland in response to the looming flood crisis as floodwaters in the region continue to rise. The state government has activated Foodbank SA as the primary provider of food relief for impacted Riverland communities.

Our number one priority is to ensure that we provide immediate food relief where it’s needed the most. We have commenced distribution of additional emergency food and water supplies to Riverland communities through our Foodbank Riverland Operation based in Berri.

Your donation will supply essential groceries and water, reducing hunger and removing a major stress for families. 100% of your funds will be used to get food and water to those who need it the most.



March, 2022: Communities throughout the state have been hit hard, with homes and businesses being completely destroyed. And, most devastating of all, lives have been lost.  

Your donation to Foodbank Queensland Flood Emergency Appeal 2022 will ensure Queenslanders experiencing hardship will have access to emergency food supplies and the clean water they desperately need.   



New South Wales

March, 2022: Truckloads of food, water and groceries have left the Foodbank NSW & ACT warehouse today bound for the Northern Rivers, with plenty more to come. We are also happy to announce 22 pallets of nappies, personal care items, period products, and emergency relief hampers arrived at evacuation centres on the 4th of March.

Right now the best way you can help us get food and water to those in flood areas is by making a financial donation. We are urgently packing our crisis hampers and getting them to the front line as quickly as we can, and financial donations mean we can source food to make these.