Working with transport services

One of the greatest challenges in getting food to people who need it  is transport. The costs to collect and deliver the food to our charity partners can be prohibitive without external support.
Foodbank works with transport providers and third party logistics to source and distribute more than 40 million kilograms of food and groceries every year for as little cost as we can.

We are fortunate to be supported by the transport industry in several ways;

  • Toll helps reduce our freight costs by providing an annual credit and discount on services used beyond this amount.
  • Scott’s Refrigerated Transport and Linfox transport donated product from our many mutual partners to our distribution centres. This frees up our own fleet for other delivery and collection jobs.
  • Woolworths and Metcash allow us to utilise their spare interstate freight capacity. This allows us to share a greater variety of products across our national network.

What we still need

30% of our donated volume goes to regional and remote areas. We desperately need transport assistance into these areas to help us increase our support into these communities where there is a big hunger problem.

We need to reduce the costs of fuelling our vehicle fleet. Foodbank would benefit greatly from the support of fuel cards which could be a great opportunity for a potential fuel partner to be acknowledged with your logo on our fleet.
Another opportunity is to support our fleet maintenance. The less Foodbank directly spends on maintaining vehicles, the more we have left to source and distribute essential food and groceries to vulnerable Australians.

How you can help

Foodbank is seeking the support of its food industry, transport partners and other supply chain stakeholders for these important transport assistance measures. Even if you cannot assist directly, we will welcome your support in advocating for these crucial functions within your network.

Is your organisation able to help contribute to fighting hunger in Australia? We’d love to hear from you! Contact our Supply Chain Team today to discuss.