Foodbank offers its sincere condolences to those affected by the unprecedented bushfire crisis which devastated communities across the country in January 2020. We wish to acknowledge the dedication and professionalism of the first responders, the emergency fire services, Australian Red Cross and other organisations working on the ground.

Foodbank continues to play a crucial role in the recovery situation. See below for updates on activity. As a trusted organisation forming part of the official emergency response network, Foodbank is acting as a conduit for the generosity of the food and grocery sector and the general public which is keen to assist with essential supplies to stricken areas. Foodbank is delivering exactly what is needed, when and where it’s needed in order to efficiently and effectively support the relief efforts.

In addition, we are continuing to assist drought-affected communities both within and beyond bushfire-devastated regions. All of this is on top of  our day-to-day role of providing food relief to food insecure Australians, currently totalling 815,000 people per month.

Our work is dependent on people like you. Here’s how you can help:

Donate funds

For every $1 you donate, we are able to provide $6 worth of supplies to affected communities thanks to our partnership with the food and grocery sector.

We are keen to work with individuals, foundations and companies who wish to build a more significant and tailored partnership to respond to this crisis. Please contact our team.


Estimated donations received nationally to date is $2.3 million in response to the bushfire crisis

Donate food and groceries

While our preference is for funds (we can turn every $1 into $6 worth of food) we still welcome donations of non-perishable food and other essential grocery items at our warehouses around Australia.

Items in high demand:

  • UHT Milk
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Good quality tinned foods and meals (with ring pulls)
  • Pasta, rice and noodles
  • Grab-and-go foods like muesli bars
  • Pet food

Please do not donate:

  • Bottled water (Foodbank NSW & ACT, South Australia and Victoria now have a sufficient supply of bottled water)
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Razors, medicines
  • Alcohol
  • Bedding or clothing (new or used)


Please take donations to the Foodbank warehouse in your state

Warehouse opening times:



At this time, we don’t have a call out for additional volunteers. Please keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram pages as this will be updated when extra volunteers are required. Alternatively, please register your interest via our website to be updated of opportunities via email.



Browse our gallery below for the latest in bushfire relief efforts throughout Australia.

Latest News

12 February 2020 10:10 AM – Foodbank NSW & ACT set a new record on  Monday for number of pallets sent out from its Glendenning warehouse in a single day. A massive effort from staff and volunteers saw 208 pallets loaded and sent on their way destined for bushfire-affected communities, such as Cobargo, as well as other regional and remote areas.

4 February 2020 5:05 PM – Foodbank SA is looking to provide food to several BlazeAid camps. This means the charity, which helps to rebuild damaged and destroyed fences and structures, will be able use its funds on the work at hand rather than providing meals for the volunteers.

22 January 2020 11:06 AM – Foodbank SA is in the process of distributing over 1,000 school backpacks filled with lunchboxes, books, pencils and other school supplies to help families affected by the fires in and around the Adelaide Hills as well as Kangaroo Island ahead of school going back next week.

21 January 2020 4:30 PM – Today Foodbank Vic has managed to get its first deliveries since the crisis began into several communities in East Gippsland, including Cann River, cut off because of the closure of the Princes Highway.

20 January 2020 4:16 PM – In addition to continuing to supply food for people in bushfire-affected areas, any carrots and sweet potatoes that are no longer suitable to provide to people are being fed to wildlife through Foodbank NSW’s relationship with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. In the last week, more than 5T of carrots and 1.5T of sweet potatoes have been sent to multiple national parks across NSW.

16 January 2020 2:32 PM – We have now distributed 4,500 emergency relief hampers  across Vic and SA. Each hamper feeds a family of 4 for approximately 5 days. This is on top of 130 tonnes of  food, groceries, bottled water and pet food which has gone out  to  NSW , Vic, SA and Tas.

10 January 2020 3:46 PM – A big shout out to Aldi which has gone above and beyond in helping us out.  On top of  a massive 50 pallets of key supplies, it has offered logistical assistance, donated $200,ooo and opened its tills as collection points for the public to donate to us.

10 January 2020 11:33 AM – We’re now working on personal care packs specifically for the firies and first responders. These will include items like eye drops,  wipes, lozenges and lollies.

9 January 2020 3:03 PM – We are blown away! Hoxton Park Primary School has just donated 57 pallets of supplies. That’s 20,000 kilograms of essential food, groceries and personal hygiene items.

9 January 2020 02:14 PM – We’re now up to 22 truckloads heading out to emergency zones in the last 7 days. To give you some idea of the magnitude, these have included 4.500 hampers and 161,280 bottles of water amongst many other essentials from toilet paper to baby food. Also involved in the dissemination have been army trucks, helicopters, ship tenders, barges and ferries.

9 January 2020 8:25 AM – We’ve received a request for food for Eden. Foodbank NSW representatives are on the ground in Pambula so they will check in to Eden and Bega to see first hand what the specific needs are.

9 January 2020 8:05 AM – Foodbank NSW was very well received by the Cobargo community with a combined load of 26 pallets. Thanks to Coles and Sydney Markets it included 14 pallets of  great fruit & veg including potatoes, onions, rock melons, watermelons, pumpkins, tomatoes, oranges, apples, stone fruit, carrots, cucumbers etc. While we were there, power was restored so the eggs, bacon and sausages were very welcome.

8 January 2020 11:52 AM – The Foodbank SA mobile food pantry will be stationed in Lobethal every Tuesday and Friday until no longer required to provide assistance to communities affected by bushfires over the Christmas/New Year period. This is on top of stock already sent up there from Foodbank.

8 January 2020 11:45 AM – A Coles donation of sausages, bacon and produce left the Glendenning warehouse at 10am bound for the evacuation centre in Cobargo. It will arrive  late this afternoon.

8 January 2020 10:02 AM – Foodbank Vic is still servicing 13 of the 15 evacuation centres and 2 of their trucks went from the Yarraville warehouse at 6.30am this morning to provide fresh stocks.

7 January 2020 4:23 PM – Believe it or not, we’re on cyclone watch! Tropical Cyclone Blake is off Broome heading SW and a second tropical system is north of the Top End over the Arafura Sea. Foodbanks WA and NT are monitoring events and preparing for action.

7 January 2020 3:34 PM – Foodbank Vic is continuing to package donations and convoy them by all possible transport means. Yesterday’s smoke haze unfortunately grounded the choppers from transporting our hampers by air, but as conditions improve, they’ll be back in the skies again, bound for isolated communities across East Gippsland.

7 January 2020 1:23 PM – Loaves and Fishes has advised that it is taking water/soft drink etc to Fingal on Thursday morning around 10am,  Foodbank Tas will  organise a mixed pallet of  ambient food to be delivered at the same time. FBT GM, Carole Chilcott will accompany the delivery to check out and report back on what more needs to be done.

7 January 2020 8:56 AM – Due to the crisis we have a particular shortage of food for people in the Kalgoorlie region who’ve been temporarily stranded by the Nullarbor Closure so Foodbank WA’s Kalgoorlie branch is in particular need of food to support these people. Current stocks are very low on the majority of essential items. Foodbank WA will isolate any food specifically donated for the Bushfire Emergency Relief Appeal to transport to the east coast pending road transport capability and timeliness. But in the short term, as a priority, stock will be sent to Kalgoorlie.

6 January 2020 3:23 PM – Foodbank Qld is sending the first round of donations to support the team at Foodbank NSW & ACT. This will include toiletries such as deodorants, conditioner, shampoo and sanitary items, nappies, baby formula, instant coffee (not beans or pods), tea and any other non-perishable items.

6 January 2020 2:04 PM – Foodbank SA has been activated by the SA Government to assist with food and water relief to Kangaroo Island and, with only one ferry to and from the island, it’s CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that the public does not attempt to drop off donations to the island as the ferry is needed  for bulk food transportation and the tireless emergency services.

6 January 2020 2:04 PM – Foodbank Vic accepted a record-breaking amount of donations and support over the weekend from the general public and food companies. Cars were lined up at the Yarraville warehouse dropping off donations.

3 January 2020 7:00 AM – For the first time, Foodbank Vic opened to take food deliveries from the public – with more than 200 drive through drop-offs bringing donated food and other grocery items – that jumped to 900, then 1,300 vehicles in the coming days.

2 January 2020 –  Foodbank Vic provided the first food relief via ship to Mallacoota, as all roads were cut. 640 food hampers, nine pallets of water, snacks (muesli bars and fruit cups) on board the rig tender Far Senator

1 January 2020 – Foodbank Vic provided the first food relief and water supplies into Bairnsdale Race Course recovery centre – 256 food hampers (to feed a family of four for about four days), plus snacks and three pallets of water.

For further updates on what is happening in each state and territory, keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

For general enquiries please email bushfires@foodbank.org.au