Emergency Relief when disaster strikes

When disaster strikes our communities, Foodbank WA acts swiftly to get food where it’s needed.


This year we’ve had more than our fair share of natural disasters in WA; the Wooroloo bushfire, floods in Carnarvon and Kalgoorlie and Cyclone Seroja all caused considerable damage.

In the days and weeks following these natural disasters, Foodbank WA worked with charity partners to load trucks with food hampers. Volunteers stocked the boxes with essential non-perishable items, such as canned food, Weetbix, long-life milk, pasta and sauce, and tea and coffee.

Corporate partner Mineral Resources’ provided generous support for the Wooroloo bushfire relief effort and was quick to step up again when Cyclone Seroja devastated Kalbarri.

Chris Ellison, Managing Director, said “It means a great deal to Mineral Resources to be able to help our staff and invest in the WA community, especially in times of crisis. Thanks to Foodbank WA, we were able to respond quickly and make a meaningful impact where it was most needed.”

In a state the breadth of WA, there’s no telling what natural disaster is around the corner, but whatever it is, we’re ready for it.

We always keep a certain amount of pre-packed hampers stockpiled and warehoused ready to load onto trucks.

We’re also acutely aware that the next big event, could be the next wave of COVID-19. In New South Wales, we’ve seen Foodbank supporting remote indigenous communities like Wilcannia, after the only shop in town had to close. This pandemic has shown the potential to create a food crisis just as quickly as a cyclone.

Foodbank WA is also prepared for the possibility of an outbreak within our distribution centres. We have hampers stockpiled off-site in Perth and five branches ready to support each other should one need to close.

We’re incredibly thankful to our corporate partners for their quick support and willingness to help.

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