Families throughout Queensland
are struggling!


So many Queenslanders are seeking food relief to help feed themselves and
their families and we need your help to provide food relief to those in crisis. 

Families like Alicia’s, who after leaving an abusive relationship and struggling
to find employment, are left living below the poverty line. 

Sadly, all over Queensland, women like Alicia are experiencing hardship, with almost half of those seeking hunger relief survivors of domestic violence.   

Foodbank Queensland relies on your support to get food to families like Alicia’s who need it most.  

For every $1 you donate, Foodbank Queensland can supply enough food
for 2 nutritious meals to Queenslanders going hungry.

You can make sure no Queenslanders are going hungry.   

Please donate today. 

Alicia’s Story

Alicia never imagined that she would be raising three children alone, dealing with the emotional after-effects of escaping an abusive relationship.

“I didn’t realise I was in a domestic violence situation until after the relationship ended. I was left with nothing, no money to get formula or nappies for my kids.” – Alicia

On top of everything she’s been through, Alicia struggled to find employment with her son requiring fulltime care. Alicia was faced with the reality that she had no other means to feed her children and made the brave decision to ask for help.

For families like Alicia’s, gifts of nutritious food and groceries are a lifeline in times of desperate hardship. That’s why your support is so important.

“Thank you for helping me and my family.” – Alicia

Your generosity helps make sure that people like Alicia and her family receive food and support during times of crisis.

Thank you for making a difference.