Not just the homeless will go hungry this winter


In its 25th year, Foodbank WA, the state’s largest food relief organisation, has again set its sights on raising funds for the hungry during the coldest months. Each year, Foodbank WA makes it a priority to raise additional funds and food donations for its Winter Appeal.

Every month, over 500,000 meals are distributed by Foodbank WA throughout the state, meaning this winter at least 1.2 million Foodbank meals will help feed the hungry.

Foodbank WA CEO Greg Hebble said, “Living in such a lucky country, we are often blind to the hunger epidemic in Australia. It’s our mission at Foodbank WA to not only raise funds and distribute meals to those in need, but to educate the community about the scale of this growing problem. At least 18 per cent of West Australian’s are struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their children, many will have no choice but to reach out to one of our charity partners for assistance this winter.”

“We are putting the call out for financial and food donations to help us keep up with demand. We urgently need basic everyday food essentials such as baked beans, spaghetti, tinned tomatoes, canned vegetables, canned fruit, flour, pasta sauce, oats and canned soup. Having these types of food in stock really helps those that rely on us for a meal.”

Although Foodbank WA has been at the forefront of this problem for the past 25 years, it appears that people are still unaware of just how many people are going hungry. While Foodbank WA traditionally supports vulnerable groups such as the unemployed and homeless, research has revealed that 43% of the people they support are employed but simply don’t have enough to make ends meet.

“Winter is an extremely hard time for people in need as the cold puts an extra strain on an already difficult situation. This makes it even more imperative that that the WA community dig deep, donate to our Winter Appeal and join the fight against hunger within our community.

“The demand for food remains high throughout Western Australia, and despite tremendous effort, this number continues to grow. Last year we distributed over 6.1 million meals thanks to the help of a vast community of supporters including food and financial donors, charity partners, local businesses and volunteers.” said Mr Hebble.

Foodbank WA relies on rescued food and donations from the entire food and grocery industry to feed those in need, however donations alone no longer meet the demand. Every $1 donated will help to provide 2 meals for the less fortunate this winter.

To find out more about Foodbank WA and donate to our Winter Appeal visit