Foodbank WA’s Mobile Foodbank has been a welcome and very effective way to get food relief to individuals for who transport can be a barrier. The cost of living, having the transport itself, and lately, the cost of fuel will prevent some people from being able to access our Perth Airport or regional branches

The Mobile Foodbank concept first launched in 2019 with four locations in the Perth metropolitan area.


The first Mobile Foodbank was built by Foodbank WA’s General Manager Operations Steve Martin who purchased items from Bunnings and fitted out the vehicle. The project was so close to his heart that Steve would go on the early runs to get a feel for the people, their needs and our hamper products. Steve said their gratitude made it satisfying and that the project was so impactful.

Steve has retired so in honour of his amazing work in launching our Mobile Foodbank service we recently christened one of the trucks ‘Steve’. 

The Mobile Foodbank service is provided in partnership with our registered charity partners.   

Mobile Foodbank and two people wearing foodbank shirt

Mobile Foodbanks now visit 30 locations weekly from Rockingham in the south to Two Rocks in the north. Our first regional Mobile Food van has started operating in Denmark on a fortnightly basis, providing hampers to the Community Resource Centre with more regional locations to launch this year.

Mobile Foodbanks stock a wide variety of hampers, regularly providing meat hampers, dry food hampers which contain pantry staple items such as baked beans, rice, pasta and long life milk (to name a few) and fresh fruit and vegetable hampers at a very low cost. The Mobile Foodbanks also carry a variety of other packs, such a beverage packs (coffee and tea), cleaning packs and every so often we have an excess supply of dairy products such as yoghurt or bread which we give out for free.