Generosity that brings a tear to the eye

A food donation from Ivankovich Farms

Recently, the kind people at Ivankovich Farms donated roughly 20 tonnes of onions to us here at Foodbank WA.

We are so grateful for the veggie staple – it’s versatility means it is used across all cuisines to add a flavoursome punch to any dish.

Onions, like any vegetable, contain vitamins and minerals. They make a great addition to any meal for their amazing flavour.

Ivankovich Farms is situated approximately 140 kilometers south of Perth at Myalup, Ivankovich Farms includes three properties covering over 250 hectares.

Peter Ivankovich and Anthony are passionate about growing fresh produce and their family farming history can be traced back many generations to Croatia. Ivankovich Farms was established by Peter’s father at Spearwood Western Australia in the 1950’s. Peter then moved their operations from Spearwood to Myalup almost twenty years ago.

It is from Myalup that Ivankovich Farms has built a reputation for providing a reliable supply of consistent quality carrots and onions. Ivankovich Farms are focused on being sustainable in a changing physical and economic environment. This focus has led us to developing production strategies that make efficient use of resources while  reducing input costs and improving quality.

Foodbank WA Food Donation Ivankovich Farms

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