National milk program

For many families and individuals who experience food insecurity, even affording milk can be a struggle. Foodbank has successfully developed a vital and industry leading collaboration with Australia’s largest dairy companies who collectively produce and supply Foodbank with close to 1 million litres of fresh milk annually.

Saputo, Lactalis Australia, Fonterra and Lion all play their part by being the fresh milk partner and supplier into the Foodbank state that aligns with their own supply and distribution network.

The fact that the four largest Australian dairy companies came together in one room and agreed upon this collective effort to ensure all Australian’s can have access to fresh milk regardless of their financial situation is incredibly inspiring and Foodbank is very grateful for this ongoing industry wide support.

How the National Milk Program works

If you’re involved in the milk supply chain you can get involved in our collaborative supply fresh milk program. From dairy farmers, tankers, processors, manufacturers, to packaging, carton and label suppliers – we have a need for you.

The program currently operates via a supply arrangement with the milk partners supplying to a set Foodbank state on a weekly or fortnightly basis. That milk is then made available to our network of front line charity partners and school breakfast programs who have been audited and satisfy industry cold chain standards.

Through simplicity and involving suppliers right along the supply chain we ensure both the transparency and sustainability of the program. We are incredibly thankful for all of the past, current and future program partners, as we simply couldn’t do what we do or provide the variety of products, such as fresh milk, without your involvement and vital support.

National program partners

Manufacturing partners


To discuss how your farm, team, organisation or industry group could get involved or support the existing milk program please contact Jacqui Payne, Foodbank, National Program Manager – Agriculture via email