National Fruit & Vegetable Program

The Foodbank Fruit and Vegetable Program gives the whole horticulture industry and supply chain the opportunity to donate fruit and vegetables to families who are doing it tough. Annually fruit and vegetables accounts for more than a third of our total volume, which is very important for the people and communities we’re helping.

Our most in demand produce items are potatoes, onions, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, bananas, apples and pears, but we appreciate any produce – as long as it is still fit for human consumption.

In addition to helping provide nutritious fruit and vegetables, this program also provides the fruit and vegetable industry with a viable and sustainable option for managing waste and product that may be out of specification, helping to reduce the amount of edible produce unnecessarily going to waste or landfill.

With a Foodbank in every state and territory and a presence at each of the state wholesale markets, donating fruit and vegetables to Foodbank is easy!

How the program works

Foodbank works proactively with our donors, industry partners and supply chain partners to raise awareness and help make Foodbank front of mind should a product or produce be:

  • surplus
  • not to specification
  • incorrectly labelled
  • rejected from wholesalers
  • rejected from retailers

We also work closely with the retailers to capture product, including their private label product, should it be rejected at a distribution center. You’ve worked hard to produce the product, the last thing anyone wants to see is it going to waste.

Donations can be

  • One off product donations
  • A regular donation of a defined quantity at a set frequency, determined by the donor
  • A seasonal donation that lasts for the season
  • Anytime you have product available, for whatever reason
  • Doesn’t fit or suit your usual customer’s requirements

Donations can be product that is

  • Over or under temperature
  • Over or under ripe
  • Over or under weight
  • Blemished or damaged
  • Incorrectly labelled
  • In incorrect or faulty packaging
  • Damaged pallets
  • Over supplied

Fresh produce donations must be free of breakdowns, mould or rot and be within its best before or use by date

The easy donation process

  • Nominate the product to be donated: including quantity, frequency and location.
  • Agree on the most suitable and convenient day for delivery or pick up. Foodbank is also happy to arrange collection of product directly from farm or the markets etc to help keep things simple
  • Arrange the agreed produce, volume and amount of bins, crates or pallets and have it delivered to us or make it available on the agreed day for dispatch.
  • Produce bins, crates and/or pallets are exchanged or transferred to the local state Foodbank’s account. Foodbank has accounts with CHEP, Loscam, Viscount and Savi equipment providers.
  • Foodbank can provide or arrange transport where necessary


The benefits of donating

  • Supporting your industry: Donors can be confident that your fruit and vegetable donations all go to Foodbank to help those in need in our community.
  • Supporting local communities: Your fruit and vegetables are distributed to communities all over your state and interstate to communities in need, including remote and regional communities via our network of frontline charity partners and school breakfast programs
  • Foodbank is a registered, not for profit charity organisation with DGR status, all donations to Foodbank can receive a Tax Donation Receipt for the weight and description of the good donated.

Through simplicity and involving supplier’s right along the supply chain it ensures transparency, sustainability and the fulfilment of knowing that your efforts, support and contribution are helping people in their time of need. We are incredibly thankful for all of the past, current and future fresh produce donors and we simply couldn’t do what we do or provide the variety of high demand products without your involvement and vital support.

National fruit and vegetable program partners

Industry partners

To discuss with us how your farm, team, organisation or industry group could get involved or support Foodbank and donate your nutritious product, please contact Jacqui Payne, Foodbank, National Program Manager – Agriculture via email