Eggs have long been a household staple due to their versatility, ease of cooking and being  packed with tasty nutritional value.

State based Foodbank teams source and receive product from any touchpoint along the egg supply chain, including direct from farm, pack houses, wholesalers, manufacturers, food service distributors, right through to the retailers and anywhere in between.  

Foodbank is then able to distribute these important and nutritious little goodies to the 2,950 front line charities and 2,890 school breakfast programs that source much needed food from Foodbank.

Whilst the demand for food relief continues to grow in our community, so too does Foodbank’s need for sourcing a regular and sustainable supply of nutritious and versatile staple foods, such as fresh eggs, into each state operation.  

How  the egg program works

If you have any ingredient or input required in the production of eggs, then your support and involvement could help Foodbank establish its first true egg industry collaborative supply program – and that would be eggstremely exciting!

Foodbank currently works with a number of egg producers in every state and territory to source eggs via either donations or in some instances even buying eggs in order to have them available for our charity network and school breakfast programs. Our ultimate aim is to establish a regular, and more importantly, a sustainable supply of eggs in each state and the NT, while of course, keeping the whole process simple for the donating organisation and any other involved stakeholders (i.e transporters).

Donations can be:

  • One off donations of 1+ pallets of fresh eggs
  • A regular donation of a defined quantity of eggs at a set frequency, determined by the donor

The Egg Industry Collaborative Supply Program

  • Establish a regular and sustainable supply arrangement with an egg producer in any particular state
  • Invite and seek the support and involvement of their suppliers and supply chain partners that could contribute to reducing the cost of production of the defined donation quantity:  
    • Stock feed
    • Original chickens
    • Egg cartons or egg trays
    • Transport to a 3PL, warehouse or direct from farm

The benefits of donating

  • Supporting your industry: Donors can be confident that the eggs or donated inputs in a collaborative supply program all go to Foodbank to help those in need in our community.
  • Supporting local communities: The eggs are distributed to communities all over your state, including rural and remote communities via our network of frontline charity partners and school breakfast programs
  • Foodbank is a registered, not for profit charity organisation with DGR status, so all donations to Foodbank can receive a Tax Donation Receipt for the weight and description of the good donated.


Through simplicity and involving supplier’s right along the supply chain it ensures transparency, sustainability and the fulfilment of knowing that your efforts, support and contribution are helping people in their time of need.

We are incredibly thankful for all of the past, current and future program partners as we simply couldn’t do what we do or provide the variety of high demand products without your involvement and vital support.

Program partners

Donating egg partners

Industry partners:

Egg Farmers Australia

National Farmers Federation

To discuss how your farm, team, organisation or industry group could get involved or support Foodbank or get involved with an egg collaborative supply program we would love to hear from you, contact with Jacqui Payne, Foodbank,  National Program Manager – Agriculture via email