Foodbank WA is putting healthy eating on the table for Men’s Health Week!


In its 25th year, Foodbank WA is putting healthy eating on the table during Men’s Health Week this week, urging men to eat well for improved health and wellbeing.

Research shows that men’s health is generally poorer than that of women and men are more likely to die from lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease, than women at the same age. Male life expectancy is around four years less than that of women.

While 30% of men’s overall health is determined by genetics, 70% is controllable through lifestyle factors such as improved nutrition, reducing alcohol consumption, and getting a good night sleep.

Foodbank WA Nutritionist Eamon Barron said “Building your confidence to not only shop for healthy food but also prepare it is an important step towards a healthier lifestyle”.

“Learning to eat well can be daunting for those that have never given it much thought before, but once they get started they realise how easy it can be, and that small changes can really make a big difference,” said Eamon.

Foodbank WA’s healthy eating and cooking program Food Sensations for Adults, teaches participants practical skills required to purchase, prepare and cook healthy food through a hands on learning experience.

Of the 850 people that participated in the program last year, only 23% were men.

“We would like to see more men come along to Food Sensations and learn ways to make healthier food and healthier lifestyle choices, for themselves and their families.”

“Participants learn how to create tasty meals that are good for them, and they don’t break the bank balance. The recipes include favourites such as healthy burgers, stews, curry, salads and dips, which are suitable for people with any level of cooking ability.”

Food Sensations for Adults, a Foodbank WA program funded by the Department of Health, has been running since 2011, engaging organisations and groups throughout the Perth Metropolitan area and right across Western Australia. Food Sensations for Adults is just one of the programs run through Foodbank WA as part of their Healthy Food For All strategy.

To find out more about Food Sensations for Adults or to register for a program, don’t hesitate to contact us.