A Word from Gerry

The threat of COVID-19 is escalating dramatically, placing new and unprecedented challenges before our community, and so soon after the recent devastation of the bushfire season.

I sincerely hope everyone is staying safe and well.

Foodbank NSW & ACT will be working around the clock to source and deliver more food and groceries to the thousands of vulnerable Aussie’s already doing it tough – joined by more vulnerable people who will be struggling because of the coronavirus impact.

The demand for our services is at an all-time high that we have never experienced before, and it is increasing daily.

I’m so grateful for the support Foodbank has received in the past and I hope this will continue as we support those in great need through this unprecedented international crisis.

Together, we can ensure that no Australian is left hungry.

I’m so incredibly proud of what we have achieved together. But we need support now more than ever.

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Thanks to our incredible supporters, Foodbank was able to answer the desperate call for help within days of the bushfire crisis unfolding. Over 1,000 pallets of food, groceries, water, personal hygiene items and pet food – the equivalent of 400,000 kilos – have been delivered to affected communities.

Thanks to the kindness of our supporters, Foodbank provides food relief to over 373,000 vulnerable and hungry people in NSW and the ACT each and every month.  The scale and growing impact of COVID-19 means now more than ever, Foodbank will rely on kindness to help meet demand. In the coming months, we will need  support as we manage the increased community pressure on our services and decrease in volunteers, while trying to maintain support for the thousands of vulnerable and hungry people who ordinarily need our help every month.

Mandy and her family are one such family. Mandy told us of her heartbreak as she struggles to put a meal on the table for her girls. “It affects your sleep. It affects your life. It affects your health. It’s horrible, it makes me feel sick to the stomach and makes you feel like a failure because you can’t provide the basics that your children need,” Mandy said.

1 in 5 Australians already have empty cupboards on a regular basis. And as our supermarket shelves are laid bare over coming weeks and months, this figure will likely skyrocket, leaving everyday Australian’s like Mandy concerned for what lies ahead.

I am so thankful for supporters who want to help people doing it tough to get back on their feet – even when they are facing uncertainty in the face of a threat we cannot see.

We still need to provide ongoing care to people thrown into crisis by the bushfires – people who have lost their homes, businesses, and communities. We still need to be there for the 373,000 vulnerable and hungry people in NSW and ACT we provide with food support each month. And I fear there will be many more Australians facing hunger in the coming months.

Foodbank has never seen a day when we haven’t delivered food to where it’s needed. Your support today will help to ensure this day doesn’t come. Can I please ask you for a special gift to help everyday Aussies in this time of special need?

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