Foodbank WA’s Food Sensations  is back!

Foodbank WA is hosting its first face-to face Food Sensations® for Adults program, since going online back in March, due to coronavirus restrictions.

Food Sensations for Adults is a four-week program that is helping West Australians improve their diet and establish healthy eating habits. It is also good for the hip pocket too, with many practical money saving tips and budget friendly recipes imparted.

Foodbank WA’s Nutrition and Food Security Manager Dr Roslyn Giglia said:

“The program helps people understand the importance of healthy eating and how to make positive changes for improved health and wellness.”

“There is so much nutrition information available these days that it can often leave people feeling overwhelmed and confused. When people come to our program, they are looking for clarity around what to eat and how to cook healthy and affordable meals.”

“We have seen so many people’s lives transformed by the program. It is amazing to see people who were stuck in a ‘take-away rut’ now meal planning and ready to reinvent their meal times with a list of recipes to cook in the week ahead. Others that have never stepped foot in the kitchen are now meal prepping on weekends and enjoying cooking for the whole family.”

“No matter what your age or level of experience in the kitchen, there is something for everyone. We provide a fun and safe environment to learn new skills and recipes that will are both good for your health and your hip pocket.”

Food Sensations for Adults participant Melinda said:

“My husband does most of the cooking at home, because he likes to cook and he likes to eat.”

“I don’t particularly like cooking and I don’t have the skills, but it’s really important that we pass on good meals and eating habits to our children.”

“At the end of the day we can tell them what to do, but if we aren’t practicing it at home then it means nothing.”

“Learning how to read food labels was particularly helpful. I always keep an eye on sugar in food but the sodium was a real surprise to me.”

“It has been amazing. I’ve already recommended it to a friend who is looking to do the course with their partner.”

A poor diet is a significant modifiable risk factor for chronic disease, such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers. Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables is one way to reduce the risk of these diseases and participants have improved their intakes of both as a result of attending the program.

Food Sensations® for Adults Program is a free program funded by the WA Department of Health to offer clarity around what a healthy diet is and reduce confusion around nutrition. Topics covered throughout the four weeks include: the importance of cooking healthy and nutritious food, how to label read and budget and food safety. Each session typically includes an hour and a half of education and an hour of cooking and eating the delicious dishes.

Visit the website to find a program time suitable for you. The program goes for 2.5 hours each week, for 4 weeks. We highly recommend you attend all four to get the most out of the program.