Foodbank has warehouse operations in every state and the Northern Territory, providing food relief to more than 2,950 front line charities and 2,890 school breakfast programs.

With increasing demand for food relief in Australia and a focus to reduce waste, Foodbank collaborates with manufacturers and their component suppliers to produce a sustainable source of key staple foods that don’t come in sufficient quantities via normal rescue channels such as pasta, sausages, milk, eggs and pasta sauce.

The items we currently produce via a collaborative supply program include:

How the Collaborative Supply Program works

With our manufacturing partners, we agree on a product and a sustainable production volume that can be produced using their existing manufacturing facility and production capacity. The products are manufactured under the company’s own brand name and specification to make the process as easy and sustainable as possible.

We then coordinate back along our supply chain with farmers, ingredient, packaging suppliers and transport companies to seek their assistance, support and involvement by donating or providing at cost their component. For the components that aren’t able to be fully donated, we use funds from industry and government to fill the funding gap and provide a very impressive social return on investment.

To find out more or discuss with us how you can get involved contact the National Supply Chain team via email.