School Spotlight: Bundoora Primary School

May 3 2019

At Bundoora Primary School parents and staff can get their morning coffee fix at Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club Coordinator Jeremy Cass and the Social Enterprise Team identified an opportunity to engage parents and staff with Breakfast Club. Jeremy said “we noticed they were coming in to school with store bought coffees in the morning, so we thought why not make and sell coffee so they come in here”.

They sell the coffees and the profits from the cafe go towards the Social Enterprise Program set up by the school to raise money for a different charity of the students’ choice each year. Last year the social enterprise program made $5000.

Parents and staff now stream in to Breakfast Club for their morning coffee fix. There’s music playing in the background and parents, staff, students and their siblings chat to each other in a relaxed social setting.

Jeremy has a roster of staff and regular parent volunteers to help him run breakfast club. Someone is allocated to make the coffees and the students also help out as cashiers. The students get to practice their numeracy and interpersonal skills as they take orders and use an iPad as a cash register, they also balance the till at the end of breakfast.

The school leases the coffee machine and pays on a per coffee basis, they recoup the costs with the coffee sales and the remainder goes to their social enterprise program.

And as a result Breakfast Club has seen a large increase of parent volunteers. Jeremy said “we’ve got a long list of new volunteers, parent volunteers are telling their friends to volunteer too”.

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